Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Binary Progress

The binary scarf has been my companion knitting for the past couple weeks, and progress has been made.  The scarf now measures about 25 inches or 63 centimeters, and I estimate that it is about 40% completed.  I should soon finish up the first half and start working ones and zeros in the other direction, repeating the same sequence of characters.

This is my second project with real, feltable sheep's wool, and I understand even better why wool is recommended for this type of project.  While not as buttery soft as superwash merino, this wool isn't all that harsh either, and I expect it to soften with proper washing.  The two colors cling together in a good way, and stitches are extremely loathe to drop or run (as I found out the two times I accidentally tugged the wrong needle and needed to recollect a couple dozen stitches).  Despite that, I don't have difficulties ripping out stitches either.

This is how much scarf I got before running out of my first skein of blue yarn, and feltable wool also lets me use one of my favorite tricks in the yarn world: the spit splice. Take the two ends . . .
 . . . apply a bit of moisture and friction . . .
 . . . and voila!  No ends to weave in.  Back to knitting!

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