Wednesday, November 25, 2015

October Swap Gifts Received

If I have given the impression that my swap partner has been irresponsible, I apologize.  It was neither my intention nor reality.  The post office sent me a note to pick up a package last Thursday, which I picked up Saturday.  A job interview prevented me from gloating over my goodies online until now.

As a side note, I think coding job interviews must always feel awful to all involved.  I had ninety minutes in which to throw together a project that really needs several hours and a few iterations before it would be considered a decent prototype of anything.  Meanwhile, every typing error caused error messages to spew across the screen for all to see.  It was embarrassing.  At least I did know how to do everything I was asked to do.

Anyway, on Saturday I took possession of this lovely parcel.
 It was opened to reveal these mysterious packets.

A cloud of paper detritus ensued, which settled to reveal my goodies.
I am so spoiled in these swaps.  I got stained glass mittens and sock yarn . .

 . . . matching buttons and earrings . . .
 . . . a 3D printed miniature of the Niki of Samothrace . . .
 . . . and awesome chocolate.
I had been secretly hoping for some Ghiradelli and voila, there it was.  It has, however, partially disappeared since then.  These things happen with the best swap gifts.  To my lovely partner, thank you for the amazing swap!

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