Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Box for Me!

My fourth or fifth birthday party was themed around Little Red Riding Hood.  I remember few of the details beyond the lovely little red cape my mother made me and that my dad wore a plastic wolf mask to play the villain.  It was awesome.  While I don't find it my favorite fairy tale to read now, I still have a fondness for that story.

So when I got home from work and found this . . .

. . . and opened it to see this . . .

 . . . I knew it was going to be good.


My swap partner thoroughly spoiled me.  She made me Baba Yaga socks!  (I had been kind of hoping for socks.)  I got sock yarn!  Aren't the little red riding hood bag and pouch adorable?

My pun'kin socks have moved into the bag, and it makes it much more fun to pull out my knitting on the bus.

I got notions and a tin for them!  I got German candies!  I had fun trying to read the labels while my husband tried to correct my pronunciation, and the sea gull is now missing a few eggs.  All in all, it is an awesome package, and I feel thoroughly spoiled.  I hope my partner likes her package as much!  

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