Monday, October 27, 2014

Finished: Pun'kin Socks!

Two pumpkin stems . . .

  . . . plus 32 pumpkins and 32 hay bales . . .

 . . . with toes grafted closed . . .

. . . means two finished pun'kin socks!

After ripping back the foot of the second sock, I let this project take some priority at-home knitting time, and now the socks are finished.  I grafted the toe closed on the bus to work on Thursday and wove in the last end while working through my morning check-on-everything-that-ran-overnight routine.  The pattern is "Little Pumpkins" socks by Sabine Ruppert, available for free on Ravelry.  The yarn is Cascade Heritage sock in colorway mango.  I made several adjustments to the pattern to ensure that I liked how these socks fit; I added additional knit stitches to make a sock 72 stitches around, did fewer repeats from the cuff and leg, put in extra repeats on the foot, and worked a blunter toe.  The changes were worth it, as I quite like how the socks feel and look on my feet.

My new pun'kin socks have happily taken up residence with my other knitted socks, and my collection now looks like this:

It doesn't look to impressive, does it?  The striped ones are my first pair of socks ever, and they don't exactly fit; consistent gauge was not something I had figured out at that point.  The Baba Yaga chicken foot socks (third from left) were a gift.  I clearly need to get on this sock knitting thing to get a wearable collection.

I should probably consider branching out into other colors as well.

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