Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vanishing Pumpkins

The pun'kin socks were almost done.  I still needed to graft the first toe, but the second one was just about ready for the toe decreases.

These have been my transit knitting.  I spend about an hour per weekday waiting for or aboard public transit, which for this pattern corresponded to getting 5-10 rows done in a given day, particularly once I memorized the pattern and stopped referring to the chart.  I had already picked out my next pattern and was looking for a time slot to wind the yarn.

Note the past tense?  There is a small set of cable crossings every eighth row, which produce the pumpkin shape.  To finish a set of pumpkins before forming the heel flap or starting the toe, one should work a cable cross in the other direction.  I did so correctly on the first sock . . .

 . . . but not here, on the second sock.

This is just above the heel on a cuff-down sock.  As I don't think I will save any time by attempting to drop sixteen stitches back through the heel-turn and ladder them up into place, the foot will have to go for me to correct this.  The bitterest part is that when I reached that cross, I didn't have my pattern with me and so worked the cables normally and then checked the pattern latter.  I noticed that I had worked the wrong stitch pattern (alternating knits and purls instead of all knits) and corrected it, but not that I had crossed the cables the wrong way.

So that almost completed sock at the top of the entry now looks like this.

At least I finally grafted the first sock's toe shut.

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