Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Finished: Lace and Cable Socks

My last completed project of 2014, sneaking in less than two days before the year ends, was the Lace and Cable Socks.

The pattern is Wendy Johnson's Lace and Cable socks, found in Socks from the Toe Up.  I made the size medium pretty much as written, using two 2mm circular needles.  I did add a bit of calf shaping at the top of the socks, so that it would fit comfortably around my legs at that height.

The yarn itself is a bit of an experiment.  It is Regia 4 ply, and when I purchased it the yarn was off-white.  I decided that that was boring and that the pale color made it an excellent candidate for me to experiment with Kool-aid dyeing.

This color comes from soaking in one packet of Grape + three packets Strawberry Lemonade + one packet Lemonade, which produced a reddish purple that my poor camera and the dim light are not doing any justice to.  The final color is very uneven, but I like how it knit up into the socks.  The pattern is also open and shows up really well despite the color variations.

It has been snowy and cold here, so it is the perfect time to have another pair of warm socks.  My sock needles are clear and ready for new projects; as I've signed up for the January 2015 Geek and Nerd Swap, theme Imaginary Worlds, I will very shortly be knitting or crocheting away once more. 

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