Monday, December 22, 2014

Knits of the hand-knit variety

Amidst all the sewing angst around here, there has been knitting, too.  These, for example, have been quietly falling off my needles in the background.

These are Wendy's Lace and Cable Socks, and they are one of my favorite patterns from her first sock book.  This is my fifth pair of socks from patterns in this book, and since they all follow a similar structure, I can now do much of the knitting without referring to more than the pattern chart.  These socks are my transit knitting, and my lack of reliance on the book means they have been making steady progress regardless of what insanity is afflicting me at work or what projects are driving me nuts at home.  I average four trips via public transit on the average weekday and two more per weekend day, which adds up to a minimum of ten rows knit per day, 7 days a week.  I can accomplish more if the bus is late and it is warm enough for me to knit while waiting, or if I have a train trip in there.

I've had a few stints on the train in the past month, and I should be able to finish these socks before the end of the year.

My grandma's shawl is the project that has really been hit hard by all the madness.  It is too delicate and complicated to be portable, and so competed unsuccessfully against the jade anna dress for crafting time.  It has stayed in its pile next on my desk at home, while I add a few stitches here and there.

It is a shame too, since it is beautiful and I think my grandmother will love it.

From now until Christmas will be the time for this shawl.  I will be most carefully packing it along with me for my Christmas with the in-laws, and that holiday was purposefully kept low-key by all involved.  There will be good times and good food, and there will be knitting.

And coding.  I have a coding project or two to work on as well.  My startistis is cross-craftual.

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