Friday, January 16, 2015

Ballroom Tip: Heel Covers

Today's ballroom tip is one that made me feel both relieved and a bit dense when I first read it.  I publish it to here to hopefully spare anyone else who has spent too much time wrestling with these little things.

The little plastic items pictured above are heel covers.  They protect the tip of the heel from wearing down and exposing the nail in the heel--that sort of thing is strongly frowned upon by anyone maintaining a wooden dance floor and should be avoided.  Furthermore, the worn heel-tip can fall or break off, either of which means your shoes won't be good for dancing until repaired.  Heel tips extend the life of the shoes and reassure everyone that you won't damage floors.

Heel covers can be a huge pain to shove onto the heels, though.  The covers taper at the top, meaning you have to stretch them a bit to get them on.  The trick to making this easier is to heat them up.  Use a hair-dryer, put them under a bright light, even breathe on them a bit until they are above room temperature and the plastic has gotten a bit more malleable.  Then you will have a much easier time pushing them on to your shoes or pulling off a dead one.

Happy dancing.

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