Friday, January 9, 2015

Ballroom Tip: Trim Shoe Straps

With the new year, I thought I would start a weekly series of ballroom tips and little tutorials.  I started dancing as a college student, and found there were many things to learn beyond figures and technique that make dancing easier and more beautiful.  These will not be involved, and they will focus on those that are preparing to compete.  Whatever your dancing goals are, though, I hope they help you to achieve them.

For the ladies, trim your shoe straps.

A brand new pair of shiny shoes, Latin or standard, has long straps so they can be adjusted to your size.  After you have adjusted those straps, cut off the excess.  The picture above shows my current competition shoes shortly before their third competition.  I had forgotten to trim the straps, and as you can see, they had started to curl away from the shoe.  If left like that, the straps will stick out and interrupt the look of a long leg which you want.  So I took a pair of scissors and cut them down.  There is no need to finish off the ends, as they won't fray.  This will give you a cleaner look on the dance floor.

Happy dancing!

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