Friday, January 23, 2015

Ballroom Tip: Shiny Hair

Ever wonder how ballroom dancers get that incredibly shiny-like-the-side-of-a-piano gloss to their hair?  One way to accomplish this is with hairspray and a blow-dryer.  Once your hair is in its bun or ponytail spray the sides with hairspray, smooth it with your hand or the back of a comb, and then blow it dry.  I recommend something with a fine spray for this; you can do it with something like Got-2-B Glued, but you will have larger blobs of spray to smooth out.  Repeat five or six or eight times, making sure each layer is dry before adding the next (I've found that if there is moisture trapped under the hairspray, it can split the hair once dried).  You will then have a slick gloss to your hair, with the added benefit that it will feel like plastic and won't move if hit with something while dancing.

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