Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Christmas Scarf

About a year ago, I made a scarf for one of my little brothers.  I decided then, only half way through the year, to make gifts for each member of my rather large immediate family for Christmas.

That didn’t happen, in part because after consultation with my mother it seemed that everyone wanted and would actually use scarves.  Scarves are not exactly small projects, and agreeing to make five of them was making a fairly large time commitment.  I also got somewhat distracted over the course of the summer with other things, which didn’t help.  Still, I got half of those gifts done by Christmas (the youngest half of my family) and gave everyone else promise notes.  This Tilting Rib Scarf is one of those belated Christmas gifts.  It is intended for the oldest of my brothers, who if given the choice prefers outdoors, going-hunting-with-the-dogs, mountain man activities.  This pattern was selected because, after extensive consultation with my husband, it was deemed suitably manly.  Manliness was also the reason for the dark grey color.  I am making it in Cascade 220, so it will be warm and sturdy.  I just hope he can keep his dogs from eating it or anything like that.

This scarf has been living in my backpack as my transit project, and I had hoped to have it done by the end of May.  However, May was rather suddenly dedicated to another project, which interfered with getting the scarf done.  I’ll introduce the usurper next time.

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