Monday, June 23, 2014

New Project Plans

While I love the pink grapefruit dress, it has dominated my crafting time for a solid, hectic month now, and I am ready to move on.  I also feel the need to limit the amount of storage space I need for fabric, which means the images below are not ideal.

Project 1.

That pile is about 1.5 yards and many good-sized scraps of pink lycra, the remains of two earlier dress projects (since I hadn't learned to estimate yardage for a dress accurately).  I want to turn it into a latin dress, as a way of practicing a few dress making and decorating skills without needing to buy several more yards of skirt fabrics.

Project 2.

I realize that this doesn't look like a project or pile of fabric.  It looks like a ballgown.  This dress was my first ballgown when I resumed competing about a year ago, and it doesn't work for me any more.  Over a year of dancing, I have lost some weight, and this dress no longer fits well.  I could probably deal with cutting down the dress, though it would be a serious pain, but this dress has some stylistic problems that make it not worth it for me now.  The waistline of this dress means it gives the wearer a lovely hourglass figure (my waist looked really, really small in this dress) and it can hide a lot of hip and rear under the skirt.  Now that I don't have the same figure, the dress just makes me look short and a bit squat.  It is therefore hanging unused in my closet, taking up space.

This dress has been and is posted for sale, but I haven't had any offers and there is a price floor below which it makes more sense to dismantle the dress to reclaim the rhinestones and yards of fabric as raw materials.  Well, it makes more sense to my sort of logic.  If nobody takes it before I finish project 1, this dress will undergo some major surgery.

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