Thursday, June 5, 2014


Hello, and welcome to the Experimental Knitbook.  Here you will find pictures and details about the sewing and craft projects that I work on; I knit, crochet, sew, and occasionally dabble in things like counted-cross stitch, embroidery, and patchwork.  I am mostly self-taught and have learned a lot from the blogs of others, and hope to record pictures and information here that will help others learning the same things. 

A few comments about the name of this blog:
The ‘experimental’ part references the fact that my day job is a scientific researcher, and I perform experiments.  It is also a pretty good description of how I normally work—I regularly adapt patterns and techniques, which can have unpredictable results.  While keeping a lab notebook isn’t necessary in my field to log results, they are useful to record details of what methods worked and what didn’t, and I hope this blog serves a similar purpose.

Knits are singled out because I spend most of my time working with knit fabric; I knit a lot of accessories, and most of my sewing is with stretch fabrics.  Whatever your interest is, I hope you find something worthwhile during your stay.  Enjoy!

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